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Myllytalo, (Finnish for Millhouse) is located in Hämeenlinna, just about 3,5 km from the railway station. In Myllytalo you are just like in the countryside but still in town. We offer our home and it’s courtyard from the early 20th century at Your service with a certainty that the unique atmosphere in an idyllic and peaceful milieu is going to be an experience not to forget.

Our two apartments at the outhouse are beautifully renovated with quality and style. The apartments are fully equipped both for short and long -term staying with a free wifi-connection.  The free parking space is available just beside the apartments. Make yourself at home and enjoy the peace and privacy offered by our comfortable facilities!

Physiotherapy and massage are available in the main building by reservation. In addition, there are two spacious rooms for groups of 5-12 to have meetings. When you need a creative and atmospheric environment Myllytalo is the place! Also, we provide functional and state-of-the-art equipment. Meal services are available on request.

Did you know that there are approximately 3 million saunas in Finland? Our sauna is definitively one of the best in Hämeenlinna. LatoSpa (Finnish for Spa in Barn) is a celebration for sauna, the cornerstone of the Finnish culture and everyday life. The renovation of the old sauna has been true to the original which makes it possible to sense the special spirit. The sauna stove is heated for several hours before it is available for use. It guarantees you the deep-relaxing feeling which may be completed by the warm spa, a round bathing tub for 5-6 persons. In addition, the old barn has been turned into a parlour where the social evening may continue by barbequing together.

Weakening is much appreciated in Myllytalo. Relaxing sessions may be focused on body awareness, breathing or mental images together with music. Also, sessions may combine voicework with mindfulness, called Voicefulness. This is a meditative way of being in contact with your body and to express yourself in a healing way.

The singing bowls are popular in relaxation. In Myllytalo we use Peter Hess® Sound Massage which is a highly effective relaxation method. We play hand made, beautiful looking and sounding bowls to manually create a low-frequency vibroacoustic experience. Our frame resonates with the sound waves since our body mostly consists of fluid. In addition, the sound of the bowls is aesthetic and has a tendency to clear our minds, just be here and now and enjoy.

Do not hesitate to ask for further information. We are pleased to customise your stay at Myllytalo as comfortable as possible <3 You are warmly welcome!


Myllytalontie 4
13270 Hämeenlinna 

Harri: / +358 400 861042 / accommodation and conference services, physiotherapy and massages

Kirsi: / +358 40 5443784 / music and interaction therapy, education and wellbeing services

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